The Communauté du savoir (CdS), or Knowledge Community in English, proposes "bottom-up" multi-partner initiatives involving CdS members or which may have implications for them. All proposals are strongly correlated with the needs of the region.

These initiatives will foster collaboration in research, higher education and innovation, but also promote and establish the CdS and lead to work on defining the governance of the project and ensuring its sustainability. As the cooperation framework becomes more clearly delineated, the CdS will be able to increase the visibility and comprehensibility of cross-border cooperation initiatives run in the Jura Arc.


Some 20 initiatives will be deployed around 5 key actions:

>    Action 1: Implement concerted and sustainable cross-border governance in higher education, research and innovation within the Jura Arc

>    Action 2:Champion dialogue between researchers and foster new projects

>    Action 3:Stimulate student and teacher dialogue and develop new forms of collaboration and training for higher education bodies

>    Action 4: Foster creativity and a spirit of innovation

>    Action 5:Establish and promote the Jura Arc to encourage access to regional expertise in the areas of higher education, research and innovation

The progress and results of these activities will be evaluated on this website which is intended to be a central and unifying tool for all partners and members of the network.


Please contact us if you require further information